Felisi Bags and Belts

Felisi is tradition, care for detail and research, deep-rooted in the Italian leathercraft since 1973.

Since the origins Felisi has drawn from the techniques and the materials peculiar of the Italian “Cuoieria” to create rigorously hand made products: unique and exclusive top-quality manufacturing, durable over time.
Each Felisi item is designed since ever for life occasions where functionality and elegance are a must for the person who wears it: flexible materials, comfortable fit, space for personal objects.
The innovative conception of each piece is the symbol of a future-oriented philosphy where every changement is the “leitmotiv” of the stylistic choices and selected components.

Felisi creations are made even more remarkable by the capacity to be moulded over time: the leather used gets softer and modifies itselt crafting extraordinary and one-of-a-kind objects.

Felisi designs and produces Italian leathercraft luxury hand-made bags, belts and accessories distributed worldwide and here, inside the Virtual Boutique, created a space dedicated to online leathercraft, for direct sale to the public.

Featured products

  • borsa-a-spalla-felisi-pelle-scamosciata-morbida-pelle-pelle-di-vacchetta-22-38-LD01+SN12+A09-frontaleborsa-a-spalla-felisi-pelle-scamosciata-morbida-pelle-pelle-di-vacchetta-22-38-LD01+SN12+A09-catalogo

    Suede and soft calf leather shoulder bag

  • borsa-da-viaggio-armadio-felisi-nylon-ripstop-tecnico-pelle-di-vacchetta-frontale-20321-TP07+A03borsa-da-viaggio-armadio-felisi-nylon-ripstop-tecnico-pelle-di-vacchetta-pouch-interni-20321-TP07+A03

    Ripstop nylon “wardrobe” travel bag

  • helmet-bag-zaino-felisi-nylon-leopardato-pelle-di-vacchetta-18-50-CF02+A09-catalogohelmet-bag-zaino-felisi-nylon-leopardato-pelle-di-vacchetta-18-50-CF02+A09-obliquo

    Leopard technical nylon “Helmet” backpack

  • maxi-zaino-tre-tasche-felisi-nylon-ripstop-tecnico-pelle-di-vacchetta-22-1-TP05+A09-catalogomaxi-zaino-tre-tasche-felisi-nylon-ripstop-tecnico-pelle-di-vacchetta-22-1-TP05+A09-frontale

    Ripstop nylon three pockets maxi backpack

Special projects

One-of-a-kind, products, unrepeatable, designed in research materials in limited editions and original combinations.

Capsule Collection composed by unique products and materials, for someone who loves exclusive and precious accessories.


Flexible and feminine
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Daisy by Felisi

Iconic and colorful
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All Day Bag

Capacious and practical
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Helmet Bag

Resistant and appealing
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"When we think of a bag, we think of all the adventures, situations and opportunities that it will witness. Let’s imagine who will wear it and how it will change adapting over time."

Annalisa FelloniCEO Felisi Bags and Belts
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